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6-Pack of Straws (Butterfly & Neon)

6-Pack of Straws (Butterfly & Neon)

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These Fun and Versatile Straws are 10mm and fit Stanley and Simple Modern 40 ounce Tumblers.

We have no affiliation with the aforementioned companies their reference is used for size description only. 

You will receive:

2 x Multi Color Butterfly Straws

1x Neon Pink Glitter

1x Neon Yellow Glitter

1X Neon Green Glitter

1x Neon Orange Glitter

*Design can rub off of Butterfly Straws with vigorous rubbing, certain lip products (plumper mainly) and dishwasher.

‼️Use care to ONLY Handwash PRINTED Straws with a Mild Detergent  ‼️ 


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