Collection: Sequin Bows

These Versatile Bows are made out of the finest Glitter Material! The shine from these is incredible due to the glitter AND sequins embedded in the material!

We are working hard to create these Handmade Deluxe Bow Toppers for our Valued Customers & Friends. These are our most Popular Items - We want to make sure we have as many Bow Toppers & Bundles as we can handmake!

Please be aware that we will not have enough for everyone as these items are handmade.

WE WILL BE LIMITING OUR BOWS AND BOXES TO ONE PER PRINT ~ PER PERSON in order to be fair to everyone. If you purchase more than one, all in excess of one Bow or Box per print will be refunded.

Please update your Payment Info for faster checkout. No changes can be made once your order is placed. Please confirm that you are shipping to the correct address as we cannot change it retroactively. No retroactive refunds or coupon codes will be applied, due to the time sensitive nature of securing Bows during this Drop/Restock: as well as fairness to all Valued Customers.

We are so grateful for your support and patience!

Please follow our IG @gritandgrace1971 for Updates on Timing of the Release of this Collection.